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The Studio


I created a place where everyone can feel like home.

When I step in this place everything else cease to exist, I step into another dimension. I have been working here for 10 years, every part of the studio reflects me too.

Many say it’s a place of magic and I am eternally happy about that. That was my dream. A place where miracles are born.

Everything is given here: spacious airy places, lots of light, silence and as the unique and wonderful treasure of the studio, enormous ancient trees flourish outside the windows.

I love it.

Location: Budapest, district XII. Városmajor Street 18.

Information on women’s photography

I take on different fields of women’s photography, even artistic nudes.

Women of every age visit me and I am grateful about that. Young girls, models, and mothers too.

It gives me happiness and I am very proud of the transformation of the models in my hands and that I can explore the beauty in every woman and last but not least: to give joy and everlasting experience.

The beauty of women is a miracle, a gift and the prettiest jewel. The most exciting exploration is to capture our feminity, our beauty, and our personality.

We are all different, beautiful in a particular way, however beauty is within everyone. Its exploration and delivery to the surface is the most important and greatest duty of my life.

We embellish and photoshoot in an affectionate atmosphere.  Easy-going and friendly conversations are always part of the photoshoots since we can be ourselves, you are home at us. :))


I work with an amazing team (our makeup artist and hairdresser), their expertise and kindness always contribute to the photoshoot’s fantastic atmosphere.

The mother-baby photography is my big project. If you are interested in this subject please visit my webpage that was created for this purpose:


For further information please contact me via e-mail, telephone or you can send a message through this very webpage (contact).

Waiting for our meeting.



+36 30 99 67 222